European Challenge dedicated to Healthy Eating

A European Mapping

Make your startup known at the European level by being listed in the first European mapping dedicated to startups in the health food sector and take your chance to be elected the health food startup of the year by the jury composed of members of Food ScalEUp.


By participating in the Food for Health Challenge, you have the opportunity to be identified to contribute to a collaborative project with healthcare and agri-food industry players to address common interests.


With support of

Focus collaborations

After several months of exploration with healthcare institutions and industrial partners, we have identified three major and priority issues that will be addressed within Fork&Care.

Detection of malnutrition

Firstly, we are looking for solutions to detect this disease more precociously before falling into the spiral of malnutrition.

Fighting malnutrition

We are also seeking solutions that enrich nutrition, promote increased food intake, and provide comprehensive support for individuals suffering from malnutrition.


We are looking for solutions that emphasize prevention rather than curative treatment by disseminating reliable and tailored nutritional messages to individual needs, whether they are patients or not.


March 29th

Opening of the call for solutions “Food for Health Challenge”

May 26th

Closing of the call for solutions“Food for Health Challenge”

May 29th

Announcement of startups selected for mapping and prize and start of pitch training

June 7th

Online event: “Food for Health Challenge” with prize giving and mapping reveal

July 2nd

Event in Nantes: Selection of startups for the Fork&Care program

starting in september

Beginning of collaborations between startups and healthcare establishments  or industrials

Practical Information

Who can apply?

All European startups operating in the field of health food can participate in this call for solutions for the European mapping, the award, and collaborations via Fork&Care.

Deadline for applying?

Sunday, May 26th, 2024, at 11:59 PM.

How to apply?

Fill out the application form by following the link below, which will take you to the "F6S" platform.