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Together, let’s invent the food of tomorrow.

Fork&Care is an open platform to envision and implement the future of food in service of better health.

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The European challenge for health food startups

10 innovation hubs in food across Europe are partnering with Fork&Care and launching the first edition of the Food for Health Challenge in 2024.
This initiative aims to spotlight startups & scale-ups tackling challenges in health food.

Origins of Fork&Care

The CHU de Nantes (University Hospital of Nantes) and the ICO (Western Cancer Institute), two major healthcare institutions in western France, have come together to innovate around a common issue: the role of food in promoting better health.

In addition to these two founding members, Startup Palace, an innovation consulting company, acts as a trusted third-party to animate Fork&Care.

Our Ambition

Co-building the food of tomorrow, in service of health.

Fork&Care accelerates the creation of innovative solutions for healthy eating, involving key players in health and food.

Our Observations

Health food, a major challenge

It's a fact: consumers are increasingly realizing that their physical and mental well-being largely depends on what they put on their plates. However, with the time and financial constraints of modern lifestyles, eating healthily often becomes a significant challenge!

Towards a new dietary balance

Healthcare institutions observe the harmful effects of certain dietary habits on health. They emphasize the need for a balanced diet to prevent various diseases and to support healthcare journeys. Agri-food industry actors, on the other hand, express a desire to improve the nutritional quality of their products.

A need to unite initiatives

Rather than innovating separately, Fork&Care brings together healthcare and food industry actors to collectively address current nutritional challenges and offer sustainable solutions for healthier and balanced eating.

Uniting our strengths: an opportunity to seize

Innovating together is essential to bring together everyone's expertise: healthcare institutions members of Fork&Care provide scientific endorsement to innovative projects and facilitate access to clinical expertise, healthcare professionals, and patients; companies provide their know-how and production capacity on an industrial scale; startups bring technological solutions and agile working methods; finally, Startup Palace acts as a trusted third-party, fostering the creation and development of collaborations, while supporting startups in their growth.

Our Mission

Fork&Care's mission is to put health at the heart of food by enabling the creation of new products, the development of innovative services, and the optimization of production models.

This innovation platform is designed in a tripartite manner and involves:

  • Healthcare and research institutions
  • Major companies involved in the agri-food industry
  • Innovative health food startups.

Reasons to join us

Prevention and malnutrition issues must concern everyone. The program primarily aims to bring together a range of stakeholders to foster significant innovations in health food. The consortium is open to agri-food industry professionals, health industry professionals, and distributors who can exchange ideas and launch collaborative projects with startups selected in the program.


Does your startup offer a health food solution? Are you looking to expand your experimentation opportunities by collaborating, for example, with agri-food industry players and healthcare institutions? You're in the right place!

Fork&Care provides an environment conducive to innovation by connecting specialized experts and supporting collaboration projects at all stages: funding lever, medical validation, and much more.

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Are you a professional in the agri-food industry, collective catering, or a distributor? Health food represents a major challenge for you? Don't miss this opportunity to stand out.

Fork&Care allows you to clarify and challenge your innovation roadmap dedicated to health food. Fork&Care provides a unique framework for multiplying R&D projects with innovative startups in the field and healthcare institutions.Initiated collaboration projects (new products, services, or production processes...) are monitored and benefit from scientific endorsement as well as new sources of innovation financing.

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Fork&Care is an initiative launched in 2022 by the CHU de Nantes (University Hospital of Nantes), the ICO (Western Cancer Institute), and Startup Palace. Since then, Fork&Care has received support from numerous actors, whether institutional (Nantes Métropole with the Health Innovation Fund 2022) or industrial (Eureden, Fleury Michon...).

Associations, healthcare institutions, or regardless of the origin of your structure, you can support the collaborative innovation approach in food by joining Fork&Care.

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